Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Various Colors and 14 Clock Faces

You can choose from 4 colors design/ 14 fashion clock faces, which can decorate various everyday scenes. With a 1.3 in large display, make icons are easy to distinguish. with interactive experience specially designed for the smartwatch, creating a very satisfactory experience.

All-day Activity Tracking

Heart Rate Monitor Watch can display the workouts for your sports data, with GPS connected to your phone, view your pace, distance, as well as your exercise route map. Supporting up to 9 sports modes tracking to help you stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Magnetic & Wireless Charging

Fitness Tracker equipped a magnetic charging USB cable, 300mAh lithium polymer battery, 2h charging, can ensure 10-15 days of normal usage, and 20 days standby. Support wireless charging(the wireless charging base is not included in the package)

Sleep Tracking

Automatically detect and track your sleep and provide you with deep sleep, light sleep and wake up time data, know more about your sleep quality. You can also set vibration alarm clocks to wake you up (only record the sleeping data which last more than 3 hours, during the night).


· Music control, choose your favorite music on your wrist.
· Camera control, free your hand to hold phone, operate in the smart watch directly.
· The find phone feature can help you find phones that are out of sight.

IP68 Waterproof

Heart Rate Monitor Watch are designed with IP 68 waterproof rating, which allows you to take showers or swim in the pool with it without worries, but it cannot track your swimming data).

Not only these

The multifunctional smart watch can easily adapt to various environments, eliminate the trouble of use, and bring you convenient life.

How to adjust brightness setting.

Long press the screen to switch to full brightness.

Size & Weight Parameter

· Strap Standard: 22mm width (many options available)
· Band Size: 260*46*12.4mm (with 22mm-width strap)
· Dial alone: 46*46*12.4mm
· Weight: 62g (with TPU strap)
· Dial alone: 46g
· Package Weight: 80g


There is a QR code on the manual,
The mobile phone needs to download the APP,
The mobile phone opens the positioning function,
The Bluetooth connection clock is open in the APP, the data will be synchronized, if you have any questions,Y ou can always contact us.​


​Operating mode one-touch
Open long press function key
1, open the manual
2, there is a QR code on the manual.
3, scan QR code download APP
4, open the Bluetooth connection clock
IP68 waterproof
Charging voltage 5 V current 1A to 2.1A charging time 3 hours.
About 7 to 12 days standby time
All-day activity tracking: steps, calories burned, mileage and Heart rate, sleep。
Smart reminder: call to reminder, SMS push, Sedentary reminder
More features: mobile search, remote camera shooting, stopwatch.
Continuous Heart Rate Monitor: Continuous, automatic heart rate tracking of your wrists every second.
Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, ios 8.0 and above.
Bracelet push support language: Chinese and English
APP support language Chinese, English, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, German, Russian, Finnish, Arabic, French, Malay, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese
Package included
Host, charger, wrist strap, manual, box

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Verified Buyer
6 Mar 2021 03:45

The watch is great. SMS come to the watch and here are the messages.

Verified Buyer
4 Mar 2021 06:06

This is my first smart watch and I must say that I'm rather impressed. The multiple clock faces keep things fresh and the feature that helps me find my phone is quite spectacular. The watch is fantastic! Does everything I wanted plus much more! Great watch for the price!

Verified Buyer
4 Mar 2021 06:03


Verified Buyer
4 Mar 2021 06:00

My fiancé loves this and is so happy you can even find your phone from your watch that pretty cool. Great Christmas present! So far so good. Looks and feels like a good quality product. It's really worth recommending and buying!

Verified Buyer
4 Mar 2021 05:58

Really high quality for the price, comparable to gear s3. Really nice watch. Wireless charging, bright display screen, long battery life, and paired easily with the app!!!

Verified Buyer
4 Mar 2021 05:54

I purchased it as a gift for my husband. He just put it on today for the first time it’s really nice looking and he able to locate his phone with it. Strap is durable. I followed all instructions the phone (iPhone 12) could find the watch on Bluetooth .It is doing everything that I want so far and looks great! Great watch.. Very nice build and a lot of cool features.. Great screen and value...

Verified Buyer
2 Mar 2021 22:44

For hours, at the time of first acquaintance with them, I'm happy. Came in time, packed in air packing, no damage. Joining the phone (Apple XR) without the slightest problems. The weather shows two weeks ahead, the weather of the current day in detail. Messages come from all resources, but there is no information from what resource (Outlook, Viber, etc.), everything is in a bunch. Calls are accepted, but you can only reject, you can also call your phone for its search, and vice versa, with tel. On Watch. Pedometers, heart rate monitor.

Verified Buyer
24 Feb 2021 12:20

Look great. Synchronized quickly. Settings are simple and understandable. The screen is bright. Comfortable enough. Intuitively everything is clear.

Verified Buyer
5 Feb 2021 00:34

I have had this watch since the 29th and it works great. It tracks everything and is easy to use the app. The battery last a long time, I haven’t had to charge it yet. Good looking. Easy to setup. The watch app varies ease to work and like no problem down loading the app. There are many different options and settings to choose from. I like this watch

Verified Buyer
2 Feb 2021 09:26

I read among the reviews that the watch is very good. And it's true! The watch is really cool: they look great, they work well. The application for the watch of course needs to be refined, but the watch was determined in a couple of seconds. I like that messages from messengers on the screen are displayed quickly, large text. Came in a beautiful box in a very reliable shockproof packaging.

Verified Buyer
7 Jan 2021 04:35

This watch is awesome. Everything functions great, and it does pretty much everything an Apple Watch or something comparable does at a fraction of the cost. I have compared to heart rate and sleep monitor to an Apple Watch, and the numbers are identical. The battery is really powerful! Two weeks without charging, it's amazing!!!

Verified Buyer
5 Jan 2021 02:52

Best smart watch with all the basic features needed for everyday use. Looks pretty good. With many clock faces you can wear it for any occasion casual or formal. Have been using the watch for over a week and had to charge only once. It has an incredible battery life. Best thing is health info stepa, heart rate, calorie count, sync up with the phone. Smart watch doesn't look cheap at all. I have been using the find my phone feature alot. You can take pictures with just a shake of a hand from watch. You can control the music playing on the phone from the watch. Some features can use some upgrades. Wish we can read the full messages from the notifications. And the smart watch can have more than 5 notifications at one time.

Verified Buyer
5 Jan 2021 02:49

I totally love this watch .Great design ,Nice watch faces ,Can decline calls from the watch itself ,Nice big dial ,Very responsive screen ,Find the phone/watch feature ,Lovely animation when running, especially the plant grows and blossoms when you hit the mark. Support Wireless Charging .I am happy with the purchase. Go for it if you are looking for a budgeted smart watch

Verified Buyer
29 Dec 2020 23:48

It's a good product, it do what you expect from it. It get easily connect to the phone (note 10).I didn't use it for sleep tracking but the steps and calories counter seems to be accurate. Overall I am very happy for the value. It is great watch with good stats tracked throughout the day! For the cost of this watch it definitely beats the other competitors for the experience and meets my needs. Highly recommend this watch for beginners looking for a decently and affordably priced, well built and great application based sports watch!

Verified Buyer
29 Dec 2020 23:43

Pretty good watch without breaking my bank. My sons been asking for a smart watch something like Apple Watch which is too expensive but finally found this one which holds up to Similar kind of watched. Just got in time for his birthday gift and he loved it. The fancy part is that it can be charged wirelessly and the look is pretty good to. Even I liked it. I recommend this one rather than others that you have to take the usb cable of to charge and they break very quickly.

Verified Buyer
29 Dec 2020 23:40

I think this is an excellent deal for the money. It has very good features that are comparable to high end brands. My friends actually thought I paid more than what I paid for it. It's a very nice looking watch, elegant. The battery is very impressive. I have used it for about two weeks now since it arrived. I haven't charge the battery yet. It still has about 40% left. The heart rate monitor is very accurate. It has different faces you can choose from. You can also use this watch as a remote control to your phone camera. I just put my phone in the tripod and use this to capture the picture, very handy.

Verified Buyer
29 Dec 2020 23:38

This a great watch! It tracks my heart beat, steps, and calories efficiently. It was easy to set up with the smart phone app. I had an iPhone and I was able to read my messages, emails and calls with ease. Battery life is good also I barely even charge my watch. Fashionable appearance, waterproof and can do everything with it .Only con I have is the directions could be a little more detail but I was able to figure everything out. Highly recommend.

Verified Buyer
25 Dec 2020 23:54

Very comfortable. The band fits my small wrist very well and it's not heavy like other watches. Definitely at least water resistant. I haven't gone swimming with it on yet but I wear it in the shower and it hasn't been affected in the slightest. The watchface is nice and big with several different options of analog and digital. Recommended !

Verified Buyer
25 Dec 2020 23:46

Really nice metal construction and stable on-watch software. My favorite features: the sun up/sun down times with the in depth weather details and the 'find my phone' feature. I'm a photographer so sun up/sun down is really important, and I'm constantly losing my phone in my truck or in my couch cushions. Really nice to be able to press a button on the watch and have the phone ring. The music remote will be really nice for working out so I don't have to screw with my phone at all.

Verified Buyer
25 Dec 2020 23:43

so far so good. it seems that the battery is very durable. I wear it for the whole week and it still shows 60% battery. it helps me to track my movement and exercises. it makes me feel i am getting healthy by showing those records and number of calorie I burned! This a great watch! It tracks my heart beat, steps, and calories efficiently. It was easy to set up with the smart phone app.

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