Golf Swing Trainer

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Golf Swing Trainer

Swing Like a Professional Golf Player!

-Effectively correct and align golf swing posture

-Increase club head speed & ball speed

-Adjustable length to fit any arm length

-Perfect for practice or pre-round range sessions

⛳ TIRED OF WASTING TIME on golf swing trainers that don’t improve your swing – or MAKE IT WORSE? Invented by one of the world’s LEADING COACHES, the Sure-Set Golf Training Aid is trusted by CHAMPIONS to achieve the vital combo of wrist HINGE, forearm ROTATION & shoulder turn, adding POWER & CONSISTENCY to their game. Using premium materials, our golf grip trainer delivers DURABLE QUALITY you can depend on.

⛳ WHILE MANY GOLF TRAINING AIDS AREN’T USER-FRIENDLY, leading to FRUSTRATING practice sessions, our simple-to-learn golf arm training aid is designed for both beginners & seasoned pros alike. Configurable for a range of SWING TYPES, HAND SIZES & ARM LENGTHS, this golf aid features a comfortable shoulder cushion, ERGONOMIC padded grip & stroke-adjustable angle.

⛳ A CUT ABOVE THE AVERAGE GOLF SWING AID – This unique warm up stick packs the potent punch of FEEL-BASED LEARNING in a single golf tool. After using our golf aids over a 2-week period, independent TPI assessments showed SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT such as increased X-Factor SWING STRENGTH, pelvic acceleration, average BALL SPEED, and ground force through a tighter CENTER OF GRAVITY. Great for senior golfers to improve FLEXIBILITY.

⛳ PRACTICE ANYWHERE. Lightweight & portable, our golf swing training aid FOLDS TO FIT into your suitcase, or golf bag – so you can WARM UP AT HOME, your hotel room or your OFFICE. CARRYING CASE & instructions included. Ideal for applying the “little and often” approach that leads to LASTING CHANGE, this golf training equipment helps fix faults like FLAT SHOULDER plane, reverse spine angle, and OVER-ROTATION.

⛳ AT SURE-SET GOLF, WE BELIEVE EVERY GOLFER POSSESSES A UNIQUE DNA OF SKILLS – and are committed to helping you to REACH A GOLD STANDARD. Invented by WORLD-RENOWNED GOLF COACH Dan Frost, our golf practice equipment evolved out of A LIFETIME OF IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS & research into what makes for ELITE-LEVEL performance on the course. If you don’t love your golf equipment, REACH OUT so we can make it right.


Don’t settle for a golf swing trainer that doesn’t make a difference – and waste hours of practice.

Developed by one of the world’s leading golf coaches, Golf Training Aids Swing is designed to perfect forearm rotation, shoulder turn & wrist hinge – the vital combo for consistent power & control.

Unlike other golf training sticks made out of cheap materials that fall apart, we’ve carefully selected lightweight yet sturdy materials for durable quality & performance. Available in both left-handed & right-handed.

The one-of-a-kind putting trainer features:

– Ergonomic, padded grip

– Stroke-adjustable angle

– Adjustable arm length

– Suits a range of hand sizes and all swing types & styles

golf training aid applies the “little & often” golf practice approach that leads to permanent, lasting change. In an independent TPI assessment, the our  golf warm up stick delivered great results after a 2-week training period, showing significant improvement in a range of factors such as X-Factor swing strength, ball speed, & pelvic acceleration.

We’ve designed this hitting stick trainer to be simple to learn & use for a variety of arm lengths, hand sizes & swing types.

Our foldable golf swing practice aid fits easily into a golf bag pocket for portable practice. Carrying case & instructions included.

Invented by world-renowned golf coach, Dan Frost, our golf practice equipment evolved out of a lifetime of in-depth analysis & research to discover what makes elite-level performance. We’re committed to helping you reach a gold standard on the course.


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